Mae Hong Son Loop, North Thailand – 4. Journey Day 2-3 (Khun Yuam to Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai)

Day 2 (Khun Yuam – Mae Hong Son – Chiang Mai)

With a long day ahead of us, we set off early at 630am.

I have learnt to appreciate riding in the morning. The world is silent except for the comforting rumbling of your engine.  The roads are empty except for the occasional excited rooster dashing across. You may let your thoughts wander but the cold keeps you alert. The fine tarmac and twisting roads to Mae Hong Son only made the ride more enjoyable.

En route to Mae Hong Son

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Mae Hong Son Loop, North Thailand – 3. Journey Day 1 (Chiang Mai to Khun Yuam)

Day 1 (Chiang Mai – Doi Inthanon – Khun Yuam)

We flew into Chiang Mai airport and boarded a taxi at 915am. Mr Mechanic is just a short 15 minutes and 120B drive away.

Sunrise from the plane

As arranged, Mr Mechanic already had 3 scramblers prepared for us – 2 Honda Degrees and 1 Honda AX-1. The staffs at Mr Mechanic spoke good English and were very helpful in setting us up for the journey. The bikes were checked, backpacks mounted using bicycle hooks and a GPS receiver mounting unit fixed onto the AX-1. We paid for the rental including insurance at 1300B per person for 2 days of rental. We also had to leave 1 passport as deposit.

It was 10am and we decided to have some food at KAFE, a small restaurant located a few shops away from Mr Mechanic. Having read about Kao Soi in the guidebooks, I gave it a try. It’s wonderful!

Kao Soi

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