My Ride – Vespa LX150 Scooter

After 6 months on public transport, I have finally bought a motorcycle, or a scooter to be exact. It’s a second hand Vespa LX150 with 1200km on the odometer during its 1 year 5 months of service. It comes in its stock midnight blue paint job. The nondescript colour is probably a decent choice for a guy riding a Vespa. Surely, you wouldn’t expect me to ride a pink Vespa?

The ride so far has been great. Besides the obvious advantages of scooters (e.g. storage, leg protection against rain, no gears to change means no ruining of leather shoes), the Vespa LX150 feels zippy despite its small 150CC engine. I have tried going up to 110km/l on the speedometer but I doubt it can go much faster than that. Anyhow, the speed is more than adequate for city riding. The Vespa also attracts a fair bit of attention. Friends remarked about its cuteness and uncles at parking lots struck up conversations and reminisced their racing days on manual Vespas.

If there is something I do not like about the bike, it’s the compartments. Don’t get me wrong, the Vespa LX150 offers plenty of useful storage spaces which is almost non-existent in other motorcycles. However, the under-seat storage and box could be a tad bigger to accommodate full-sized helmets. My Zeus flip-up is a tight fit but my MFizz Evolution II open-face helmet just could not fit. Many other helmets do not fit as well. An extra 1-2 centimeters in height would make all the difference. Well, no biggies. I would just stick to my Zeus for the time being. Saves me some dollars.   🙂

That’s all for the quick review. As always, here are more photos to share:

11 thoughts on “My Ride – Vespa LX150 Scooter

  1. Hi Keyser,

    If you are located in Singapore, you can find 2nd hand vespas in motor shops or online classifieds in and forums.

    I paid around SGD5300 for my LX150.

  2. Do u looking for sell ur Vespa? I’m looking forward to get it please contact me 081225555 I love Vespa so much! My brother own a giant bicycle shop in phnom penh ^^

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