India – Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Mumbai (1 – Introduction)

India: Parts of Kerala, Touch of Tamil Nadu & Mumbai Trip Report

Motorcycle: Royal Enfield Bullet 350CC from Kerala Bike Tours at 110 Euros per week. Advance payment (read my experience using HDFC QuickRemit) and deposit of 500 USD required. Royal Enfield is a unique bike that grows on you.
Distance Covered: ~800KM
Reference: Lonely Planet South India and GPS Map
Spendings: SGD 1342 (= USD 1060) all in
Quick Review: Give a discount to the stories you heard about India and you get a rapidly developing country with beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage and friendly people.


Singapore > Kuala Lumpur > Kochi > Kumarakom > Kumily (Thekkady) > Kodaikanal > Munnar > Kochi > Mumbai > Kuala Lumpur > Singapore

Motorcycling in Kerala with a touch of Tamil Nadu, a train journey to Mumbai and Mumbai on foot

Detailed map of the anti-clockwise motorcycling loop which I took. I started off at Kochi and spent the nights at Kumarakom (near Muhamma), Kumily, Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu state) and Munnar before returning to Kochi. Click on the image for a bigger view.

If you would like a copy of my actual route and some waypoints in Garmin GDB format (to open using Mapsource), just post a comment and I will send the download link (1mb file) to your email address.

The India – Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Mumbai trip report is divided into the following sections:

  1. Introduction (You are here)
  2. Journey Day 1 (Singapore to Kochi)
  3. Journey Day 2 (Kochi to Kumarakom)
  4. Journey Day 3 ( Kumarakom to Kumily/Thekkady)
  5. Journey Day 4 (Kumily/Thekkady to Kodaikanal)
  6. Journey Day 5 (Kodaikanal to Munnar)
  7. Journey Day 6 (Munnar to Kochi)
  8. Journey Day 7 – 8 (Kochi to Mumbai)
  9. Journey Day 9 (Mumbai)
  10. Journey Day 10 (Mumbai)
  11. Journey Day 11 – 12 (Mumbai – Slums tour & back to Singapore)

This trip report is also posted at SingaporeBikes, GT-Rider and ADVrider.

Disclaimer: This trip was taken in January 2011. The information is provided ‘as is’ with no warranties and confers no rights. If you are interested to know more, please add a comment and I will update the post with more details. :)

3 thoughts on “India – Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Mumbai (1 – Introduction)

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog for the trip to south India. Will surely ready the other ones. And there were some facts u have written, which i wasn’t aware of. good job……… Enjoy… 🙂

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