Trips around Singapore

Some people complained Singapore of being artifical and stale. While the island does not really have much to offer in terms of nature sights due to its geographical makeout, it is not exactly a place without some pleasant surprises.  There are still interesting places to visit and interesting things to do in the tiny state of Singapore.

On this page, I would list out some of them.  Hopefully, you would find it useful.  Will update it over time. 🙂

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Walking across Singapore from East to West

Who knows why we do the things we do.

It came to me one night during my 6 month job gap.  I put some stuff into my backpack and caught a late train to Pasir Ris.  And started walking home to Boon Lay where I stay.

My route (in yellow).

Pasir Ris Station, the start of the journey.

Interesting fact (from wiki): The first reference to a village of Pasir Ris, Passier Reis, appeared in 1853. There has been conjecture that perhaps this is a contraction of Pasir Hiris (pasir is “sand” and hiris means “to shred” in Malay).

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