Motorcycle Trip Packing Checklist

One sure fire way to ruin a great motorcycle trip, or at least up the hassle factor, is to forget important and sometimes seldom thought of pieces of gear, clothing or accessories. Seasoned riders often prepare a motorcycle trip packing checklist in order to avoid arriving on location without all those items that make a trip not only enjoyable but easy logistically. Avoid having to buy missing items at your destination and save time and aggravation while preparing for the trip.

Below is a list of items that riders can consider bringing for their motorcycle trip. Many of the items will depend on your own personal circumstances, the time of year and your destination.

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Adventure Travel on a Motorcycle

An exotic, mystical and enchanting land with remote hill tribe villages, ancient ruins, beautiful coastlines and spectacular mountain views. Now imagine how much better it is to be visiting on a motorcycle, with the wind blowing against your face, sights, sounds and smells unmuffled by rolled up, tinted windows.

You see things differently on a motorcycle. You are no longer a passive observer watching the scenes go by, instead you are in the scene. The acrid smell of burning logs tickles your nose and the cold mountain air tingles your skin. You raise your arms for the low hanging tree branches, and the leaves brush by your fingers.

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