Why you shouldn’t participate in voluntourism

Thought this is a good article to share.

NOBODY DECIDES to travel halfway around the world to spend weeks or months of their life undermining a local community. But voluntourism – like that famous quote about the paving on the road to hell – often comes close. The debate about the practice, like most things in life, is far more ethically nuanced than many organisations facilitating such experiences often let on.

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Top 3 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Always wanted to travel extensively, but did not the financial resources to do so?  Here are some ways to earn your keep while traveling. Well, these suggestions might not be able to sponsor your whole trips but at least, if you are willing put in the effort, they are definitely worth a consideration.

1) Volunteering

Visiting a country isn’t all about catching the popular tourist sights. Sometimes, it is through mingling with the locals that you gain greater travel satisfaction. Volunteering is an activity that kills two birds with one stone. There are many overseas volunteering organisations that are able to provide free food and lodgings, say for exchange of your time to do some teaching at the local orphanage.  Not interested in teaching? No problem, you can also participate in the Willing Workers On Organic Farm (WWOOF) programme. As a WWOOFer, all you need are some green fingers to help out in organic farms as a volunter worker. I WWOOFed in South Korea and did interesting farm work in exchange for free meals and lodgings. After after working hours, I was invited to join the family activites. In short, WWOOFing allowed me to see much of the South Korean lifestyle without spending a single cent. Great deal eh?

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