Sri Lanka – 9. Haputale to Galle

Day 10 – Haputale to Galle

The long journey to Galle took me 6 hours on my motorbike.

Old Galle Gate. Galle Fort is built by the Dutch in the 1600s.

All Saints’ Church Fort – Galle

Galle Fort and Galle Beach

Galle Beach

Monks admiring Galle’s sunset. I wonder what the different colours mean.

Galle Sunset

2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – 9. Haputale to Galle

  1. hi! it’s been awhile… i plan to travel the same journey next Feb. do you think the scenery on-route is worth the 6 hours?

  2. I think Galle is quite a nice place to hang out. About the journey, I cannot remember much of the scenery but the winding roads and tea plantations near Haputale should be similar to that in the hill country.

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