North Luzon, Philippines (6 – Banaue to Penablanca)

Day 05 – Banaue to Penablanca

Started off very early as it’s a long way to Penablanca in Cagayan province. I decided to take the Halsema highway through Kalinga province. Looking back, I should have taken the easier road through Isabela province.

At another Banaue view point

It’s always very cold in the morning on the mountains. It’s just 2000m++. I wonder how I can cope with Mt Kinabalu.

The road from Bontoc to Lubuguan was rough. It’s about 10% paved. This is a good section of the road.

Soon the road narrowed and construction vehicles blocked the way.

Whenever 2 vehicles meet, one had to reverse to find a wider spot where 2 could pass each other. It’s sometimes easier for a motorcycle.

But not always. A bus broke down and I was stuck for around half an hour.

Puddles of muddy water along the way is common.

But there are still nice scenery to admire.

After an 8 hour ride, I finally reached Callao Caves in Penablanca. At per limestone cave SOP, the guide would point out the resemblance of each rock to a certain animal. In the photo, there is a gorilla, a merlion and all you can imagine.

A chapel in the cave. You can hold a church wedding here, subjected to approval.

Callao Caves Resort is located at the other side of the Pinacanauan River.

Pinacanauan river. One can pay 600 Pesos for a bangka ride to view thousands of bats leaving the caves at dusk. I wasn’t willing to pay and had a glimpse of some small fruit bats flying pass the resort.

Haha, I got a Honeymoon Suite. I am all alone in the resort.

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  1. Im still undecided if Ill do it clockwise… i think i like your counter clockwise route… but due to the nature of my job, ill do it in 5 days…

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