Sungai Rengit (Malaysia) – Day 2

Day 2 (Sungai Rengit back to Singapore)

We woke up early to take some sunrise shots.

Promoting my Nokia Lumia. 😀

There are a few other photograhers hanging around, waiting for the sun to be up.

The sun graced us with its appearance!

After the photo taking, I went for a jog to burn some calories for more food.  I remember thinking that if it’s just 30km from the ferry to Sungai Rengit, it’s possible to jog instead of cycling.  After much musing and exploring the compact town, I headed back to the hotel for shower.

And breakfast soon after that!

I’m sure most of us have friends who like to fly home from a vacation in the evening so they can “maximise” their time overseas.  I belong to the sort who prefer to reach home in the afternoon so I have enough time to unpack, meet up with friends to have a nice dinner and rest.  And I always find that the mood on the last day of the vacation is often drag, even if you visit some places of interest, your mind is usually on the things that are waiting for you back home.  So whenever possible, I would time the trip home in the late morning depending on the time needed for the return journey.

No surpises that we decided to leave Sungai Rengit at around 9am. 😛

Passed by a mango farm which we did not visit.

Riding speed of 16.7km/h

That must be a huge lizard.

J should refer to Jam, the malay word for hour.

Back at Pengerang Ferry Terminal.  The modus operandi is the same. You leave your passport to the counter and they will call you when the list of 12 people is full.  Often, it’s quite a long wait.  We waited for an hour.

Well, goodbye Malaysia, till the next trip.

8 thoughts on “Sungai Rengit (Malaysia) – Day 2

  1. Is the lizard dead? So terrible, who is so cruel to terminate its life in such a manner? Oh, God blesses him.

    By the way, could you tell me what are the hooks used for?

  2. Hello there!

    Your trip to Pengerang looks interesting! Thank you for the highly informative post. I am so glad I chanced upon your blog as there is a dearth of information about the place. I am intending to go for a cycling trip over the March holidays.

    Is it safe to cycle along the roads to Sungei Rengit? My friend and myself are both female. Is it easy to catch a ferry to and from Singapore on a weekday? Would love to hear your opinions about these questions… Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Stella,

    Sorry for the late reply. You will be riding on the roads so the danger will be the fast moving vehicles. I suggest bringing bicycle lights and wearing very visible clothing. For ferry, the boat only departs when full. So go to the terminal early and hope that other passengers come soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Alex,

    I emailed the hotel. But a visitor on the other page mentioned that they are not replying to the email. There are a few other small hotels in Sungei Lembing so maybe you can do a search online for other options.

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