Standard Chartered Autoloan (GE Money) Review (Singapore)

My experience with Standard Chartered Autoloan:


I sent my car loan application (on a weekday) via my dealer to Standard Chartered unaware about the weekend $100 petrol voucher promotion.


Learnt about the weekend $100 petrol voucher promotion.  Called Standard Chartered and asked if it’s possible to cancel the application and resubmit over the weekend to enjoy the promotion.  I was given the affirmative.


Thought it’s quite silly to cancel and resubmit so I explained my case to Standard Chartered via the online mailbox.

A couple of days later, a lady called and told me they would be happy to give me the petrol vouchers once my loan is confirmed.

A couple of days later, my loan was confirmed.


It’s been one month and I already paid my first installation but I have yet to receive the petrol vouchers (which I read will be sent in one month).  So I dropped another message to Standard Chartered via the online mailbox.

A guy soon called and informed me that there is no record that I would be given the petrol vouchers. And as I am unable to give them the name of the lady who called me, they cannot check for me.

This time, I asked for the guy’s name.  He is Lucas.

He claimed that according to their records, they do not have a person from their department (GE Money?) who called me in early Dec.  He added that the lady might be somebody outside their department.  And he is unable to check. (I have no idea who besides his department has the authority to call customers for such requests and how I can help him check.)

When I asked if I can have an official email response from them, I was given the negative.

So while my memory is fresh, I decided to write out the factual events that happened.

From this whole episode, this is what I learnt:

– Standard Chartered Auto Loan’s willingness to be flexible and provide good will to customers

– Standard Chartered Auto Loan is unable to carry out its offer for various reasons

– Standard Chartered either has no records or has difficulty tracking who calls its customers.

– It’s always smart to ask for the customer service representative’s name

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  1. 唉,商家永远永远都比顾客精明,这算是条真理吧。呵呵

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