Kluang, Gunung Belumut & Gunung Lambak (Malaysia) – Day 2

Day 2 – Gunung Lambak

There were a few possible activities in Kluang such as hiking Gunung Lambak or visiting the organic farms.  A few of us decided to hike Gunung Lambak, a 510m tall mountain just 5km from Kluang town.

After breakfast at Rail hotel, we took a cab to Gunung Lambak.  The base of Gunung Lambak was crowded.  There were chalets, horse riding activities and swimming pools making the place popular for weekend family outings.

Some traditional Chinese Kueh for the hike?

The start of the hike was an easy walk on gentle slopes.

We soon reached a tea pavilion where there were elderly having breakfast and tea.  We were invited to join in.  The group gather every weekend for socialising, exercising and breakfast.  Hikers are free to partake of the breakfast and there is a donation box for those who wish to make a small contribution.

The olive tea is supposedly very good for health.

The hike gradually became steeper and while the distance to the summit is just 1.6km, it’s still tiring.

We reached the summit after about 1.5 hours.

The view from the summit.

Climb up if you wish to be at the highest point on Gunung Lambak. 😀

We were back in Rail Hotel at 11am where we quickly washed up and packed.  I redeemed my breakfast coupon for a splendid meal of Bun Sambal Special, Mee Siam Ayam and Sejuk Teh Susu.

To end the trip, we visited Kluang shopping complex.

Thanks to Bob and CC for the trip planning!

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