North Luzon, Philippines (9 – Capas to Angeles)

Day 08 – Capas to Angeles

One of the key sights I wanted to catch in Luzon is Mt Pinatubo. Before the trip, I read from the Lonely Planet guide that PDC and Santa Juliana 4×4 Association organise trips to Mt Pinatubo. I was able to make contact with Lydia from PDC Spa Town whose email is She was very helpful. As per their recommendation, I booked a slot in advance and they tried to match me with other groups so I can share the cost of the 4WD. I asked about accomodations in Santa Juliana but was recommended to stay at Capas instead. Also, parking was available but they no longer allow tourists to ride their own motorcycles up the mountain after a recent incident.

So in the morning, I rode from Mr Blue Hotel to Santa Juliana where I joined 2 German tourists on a 4WD tour to Mt Pinatubo. I paid 1500 Pesos for the tour. If I am to take the 4WD alone, it would cost me 4000 Pesos. To reach Mt Pinatubo crater lake, it would involved a 1.5hr bumpy drive and a 20 mins hike. The road was quite bad and I was glad they don’t allow me to ride my motorcycle up the trail.

Aeta people of Mt Pinatubo.

Short easy hike to the crater lake

Mt Pinatubo crater lake. Mt Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the largest eruption in the past few decades.

Wikipedia mentioned that “Global temperatures dropped by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F), and ozone depletion temporarily increased substantially.” after the eruption.

After the eruption, Mt Pinatubo remains active with the most recent activity registered in 2002.

Late morning and the place is getting crowded.

After a hefty lunch (part of the 1500 pesos package), I rode back to Capas for my backpack which I deposited at Mr. Blue Hotel and continued to Angeles. After a short nap, I returned the motorcycle to nice-bike and visited SM Clark mall where I bought some sourvenirs. Goldilocks Polvoron is worth buying.

Day 09 – Angeles to SG
Took a jeepney to Clarks airport and flew home!

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9 thoughts on “North Luzon, Philippines (9 – Capas to Angeles)

  1. Thank you for the story.
    How often was it rainy during your trip?
    I am going visit the same places next August, but a bit worry about weather.

  2. I visited North Luzon in February and it’s supposedly the dry season. I had rain only for 1 day of my trip.

    If I am not wrong, August is peak of the wet season and precipitation is high.

  3. Nice post. I bumped into your blog while I was searching for a new day trip around North Luzon to take with my friends.. You’ve been to a lot more place in the Philippines than I have! (I live in the Philippines).

    Thanks for the post. Makes me want to go around more. 🙂

    To Pavel: July until about early to mid September is usually our season of rain. But last 2010, it didn’t rain much during those months, and instead it was hot. Goodluck on your trip!

  4. Hi,

    I have not been to many places in my own country (Singapore) as well. That’s my problem, always thinking that I have time for my own country later. Amd visiting other countries just sound more fun. 😛

  5. may i ask who your contact person for the 1,500 package is? and what his/her contact details are? we plant to go to pinatubo as well. thank you.

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  7. Hi Atticus, we’re you able to see or get close to the lava while on Mt Pinatubo? We are leaving for our N Luzon moto trip on May 22nd. Saw your blog and became even more excited! Looks like you had a blast!

    Here’s our tentative itinerary:
    Day 1: Angeles City to Banaue
    Day 2: Banaue to Tuguegarao City
    Day 3: Tuguegarao City to Pagudpud
    Day 4: Pagudpud to Santiago (south of Vigan)
    Day 5: Santiago to Angles City

    Any do’s and dont’s will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and glad you returned safely!


  8. Do you mean the solidified lava rocks? To be honest, I can’t really tell.

    Which day of your itinerary do you intend to visit Pinatubo? You itinerary seems to be as tight as mine, leaving little time for sight-seeing. 🙂

    Take note of the bad roads I mentioned. It might be worth a detour especially if it’s raining

    I wished I had brought along a face mask. My face was all black from all the dust.

    Anyhow, I am sure you would have a blast. 🙂

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