North Luzon, Philippines (3 – Angeles to Baguio)

Day 02 – Angeles to Baguio (continued)

Got my XR200 motorbike. Condition of the bike is very good.

Performing band along the way to Baguio

Rosales is now a modern city. SM City is a mall that can be found in major cities in Philippines.

It’s a day of festivals – Chinese New Year, Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Valentine’s Day and Panagbenga. Panagbenga festival is also known as the Baguio Flower Festival.

Flower displays everywhere

Burnham Park becomes a place of activities. There are street stalls and concerts.

Jeepney is a cheap form of transport in Philippines. Jeepneys are also mobile works of art.

Sunset at Baguio

Night view of Baguio

Enjoyed some street snacks

Was woken up by fireworks. Took some obligatory photos and went back to bed.

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  1. hi…i love your photo shots… i was looking for art ideas and i came across these photos
    …i would like to paint some of these shots…is it ok?

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