Bukittinggi & Maninjau, Indonesia – 6. Journey Day 5-6 (Bukittinggi to Maninjau to Padang)

Day 5 (Bukittinggi)

The plan for day 5 was to visit Lake Maninjau.

44 continuous sharp bends to Lake Maninjau

Beautiful Lake Maninjau

Muaro Beach Bungalow – My US$6 accommodations

Cocounut trees by Muaro Beach

Day 6 (Bukittinggi)

Rode round Lake Maninjau before heading back to Bukittinggi.  As the weather is still not conducive for volcano trekking, I continued to Padang.

70km ride around Lake Maninjau

Back at Bukittinggi – Yummy BBQed bananas

Football at Padang

Indian Ocean

Local Harley Davidson ride

Famous Simpang Raya – My last meal in Indonesia

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