Bokor Hill Station (South Cambodia) – 5. Journey, Day 2

Day 2 (Bokor Hill Station – Phnom Penh)

I started the day early at 630am. With the handy Bokor Hill map, I rode in search of the abandoned buildings I have read so much about. They were as eerie as described. I took some quick photos and made my way down Bokor Hill.

I reached the main road from Bokor Hill at 930am and proceeded along highway 4 back to Phnom Penh. The ride back was uneventful except for a sudden rain which found me seeking shelter at a petrol station together with other motorcyclists.

After the rain had subsided, I continued back to Phnom Penh. I returned the motorcycle to Lucky! Lucky! at 130pm and was given a slight discount for the early return.

Cambodia, bokor-casino-mist
Something behind the mist?

Cambodia, bokor-casino-less-mist
Bokor Casino

Cambodia, bokor-misty-buildings
Visibility is poor with all the mist

Cambodia, bokor-wind-mist
And the cold wind blows..

Cambodia, bokor-wind-mist
Not the best path for a motorcycle

Cambodia, bokor-inside-ruins
Inside one of the crumbling buildings on Bokor Hill

Cambodia, bokor-abandoned-church
Abandoned church on Bokor Hill

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